School Advisory Council


The School Advisory Board is a representative group of the parish called to advise the Pastor in making policy for the parish school.

The phone numbers of members can be found in the parish directory or school directory

School Advisory Board Members include:

Katie Rudroff
Erica Libbert
Tricia Burkhardt
Becky Haller
Gary Welschmeyer
Father Bill Debo
Debbie Reinkemeyer

Basic Responsibilities include:

  1. To formulate and recommend policy to the Pastor for the parish school.
  2. To pursue goals of long-range planning and public relations.
  3. To review and recommend the annual school budget for presentation to the parish finance council.
  4. To participate in setting goals for the school and board.
  5. To participate in the local search for school principal and participate in the evaluation of his/her performance.
  6. To review and evaluate own meetings, projects, communications, etc.

Basic Responsibilities do NOT include:

  1. The School Advisory Board is not responsible for deciding which actions the principal should take , but for developing the policies that guide the principal in decision making.
  2. The School Advisory Board does not select, evaluate or communicate with teachers directly on issues.


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