Things to Remember

Take Home Folders

Students will have folders labeled take home. These folders will contain the daily behavior/homework sheet. The behavior/homework sheet will be colored in according to what the student is on each day. Please initial at the side of the page next to the correct day each night after reviewing the behavior and completing homework.  Homework will only be Monday through Thursday. Papers that need to be sent home before the end of the week will also be placed in the folder.

Water Bottles

Students are allowed to have small water bottles as long as they can be closed. Please no screw on lids or straws. Please make sure the water bottles won’t spill or create a distraction. If the bottle is causing a distraction, I will let you know and send it home. 

Student of the Week

Students will be assigned a week to tell about themselves and tell important things they have experienced. I will give the students a poster to fill out about themselves and their name. I encourage making this a parent-child activity. Pictures are also welcome, but not required. The list is as follows and I will also send the poster home the week before the student’s week. (The students were picked in alphabetical order.)

Week of Sept. 18- Emma Bax

Week of Sept. 25- Seeley Burkhardt

Week of Oct. 2- Jaxtyn Jansen

Week of Oct. 9- Brayden Lafferty

Week of Oct. 16- Riley Lafferty

Week of Oct. 23- Amaurra Reeves

Week of Nov. 6- David Reinkemeyer

Week of Nov. 13- Karlee Reinkemeyer

Week of Nov. 20- Jackson Wagner


Birthday Treats

Birthdays and sharing treats with their classmates are important to kindergartners. There are a few things I would like to remind everyone of when selecting treats to celebrate these special occasions.

Treats must be pre-packaged (store bought). Most of the time, we will try to celebrate birthdays at morning snack time. They will have about 10 minutes to eat the treat. Students will not be allowed to save the treat for later, unless the treat is already packaged. Please remember that regular-sized cupcakes can be extremely messy and sometimes wasted by children. Please inform me of any allergies your child has. We have 8 students in our classroom. 

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